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Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance

Since its inception by Ministerial Decree in 1998, Hamdan Award has provided a critical response to core of UAE educational performance assessment and effectiveness measurement and has extended its reach beyond the Gulf region. As the acclaimed beacon of educational excellence equipped with a reputed reward system recognized throughout the Middle East, Hamdan Award is the most fitted institution to be bestowed the privilege of hosting a five day conference aimed at raising awareness on one of the most important indicator of social development and progress: education. The fast transforming nature of today’s world with abundance of educational tools and learning system has made education accessible to a wider spectrum of the population.


In line with the federal government of the United Arab Emirates’ long-term vision, the Ministry of Education devises strategies, execute action plans, monitor and supervise the implementation of policies and directives aimed at developing from an infrastructural & academic perspective the national education systems. The paramount objective of the national educational system is to instill to students at every learning stage the key values & principles that shaped and governs the nation’s spirit such as a great sense of responsibility and service to the community. This great sense of service to the community includes developing strategies and supporting initiatives catering to isolated groups of learners with extensive needs and expectations. Such groups include the talented and gifted.

The Award Objectives
  1. To upgrade performance, leadership and creativity in the educational system
  2. To encourage initiatives, innovation and excellence in all educational curriculums and sectors 
  3. To help in creating a modern and improved educational environment that foster innovations, advancements and excellence
  4. To honor individuals who value their commitment and have a proven record of outstanding success in their respective educational fields


When established in 1998, the Hamdan Award for Distinguished Academic Performance only offered eight award categories (Distinguished School, Distinguished Student, Distinguished Teacher, Distinguished Social Worker, Distinguished Supervisor, Distinguished Parent, Best Scientific Innovation and Best Applied Project) in the emirate of Dubai.

In the following years, HADAP expanded its geographical scope and action across the seven emirates and became the national performance assessment & effectiveness measurement tool of the country’s educational efforts.

In March 2001, the first center for gifted student was established. Shortly after its creation, the center joined The World Council for the Gifted and Talented Children.
2003 was a turning point as HADAP included in its reward pool for the Distinguished School, Distinguished Student & Distinguished Teacher the other members’ countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The progress and evolution of HADAP reached another level in 2006 when it created an award category to honor researchers in all Arab world countries from the Arabian Gulf to North, East & West Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Egypt, Libya & Sudan).

In 2007, the center for gifted students evolved into the Department of Gifted Welfare. The Department of Gifted Welfare is responsible for executing Hamdan Award's overall vision & mission by drafting educational programs, monitoring the evolution, nurturing the educational and social progresses and ensuring the global competitiveness of the gifted and talented students' community in the UAE.

By continuously increasing the number of awards and rewarding excellence – from 9 to 16, HADAP offers a pedagogic approach that aims at improving the national educational outcome.

In 2008, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Award Sponsor created & funded a global prize - in cooperation with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)- dedicated to reward educators & teachers' contribution, skills and performances. The "Unesco-Hamdan Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum Prize for Outstanding Practice and Performance in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Teachers" was created in Paris, France on March 15th 2009.


Scientific and Educational Awards in the United Arab Emirates

  • Dubai International Holy Quran Award
  • Khalifa Award for Education
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Scientific Creativity
  • Sheikh Rashid Competition for Humanitarian Studies
  • Sheikh Rashid Award for Scientific Distinction
  • Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Distinguished Academic Performance
  • Ibda’a Student Award
  • Sharjah Award for Best PhD Thesis on Administrative Sciences
  • Sharjah Award for Educational Excellence
  • Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Award for Scientific and Cultural Achievement
  • Abdul JalilAl Fahim Award of Distinction for High School Graduates in the United Arab Emirates
  • United Arab Emirates International Award for Students Creativity
  • International Competition for Letter Writing
  • RAK Award for Creativity and Excellence
  • Rashid Bin Humaid Award for Culture and Science



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